Adelina Djeneva

adelina djeneva

brand identity

TKNZ is the vault for esports memorabilia.

A modern brand identity that evokes the aesthetic of the esports world was created to make digital natives feel right at home when browsing the platform.

Bridging the gap between phisical and digital design, the TKNZ brand elements have a tactile and larger-than-life quality that pops out of the screen.

Kong Worldwide

Kong Worldwide help people quit smoking with their premium-quality vape products.
The brief was to develop a high-contrast and high-impact visual identity that highlights the vividness of the brand’s flavors.

The subtle dark jungle elements bring an homage to the company’s mascot and make the brand further stand out from its competitors.

Badra Beauty

Badra Beauty is a chain of beauty salons in Kuwait that caters to clients who place value on a quality-first, forward-looking service.

The branding elements support the vision of a highly-curated aesthetic of a French fashion house that stands the test of time.

Atainable luxury and underlined expertise are the pillars of Badra Beauty’s identity, making it perfect for both more traditional clients and those who seek to experiment.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt allows you to be a digital scavanger and win real prizes using your skills.

The aim was to modernize and digitalize the treasure hunter vocation and give it new life in the online gaming space. As a business suspended between marketing and gaming, it was important to have a contemporary look that works well with an array of styles and environments.


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